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Yes, there are two more challenges that Sales Manager can face and these are:

1. Stress:
There is no question that being a sales manager can be stressful.
After all, you work long hours, have many responsibilities and rely on the performance of your sales team to meet quotas.
Plus, salespeople can be difficult to lead, so managing a whole team of them can be overwhelming, especially when you have to learn how to motivate, inspire and lead them while making sure they get results.
Take some simple actions to reduce stress throughout the day and improve your quality of life at work.
Here are a few ideas to help you when you are feeling a bit frazzled:
• Review your successes – Dealing with failure can be tough, but looking back on your past successes in difficult moments will allow you to think positively and remember your worth as a sales manager.
• Take deep breaths – Deep, deliberate breaths can work wonders when it comes to stress management. Take some time out of your day to do this, and your tension will be reduced.
• Recharge as needed – Take breaks when you can, even if you are busy. While it seems counterintuitive, giving yourself a few moments to recover can actually be a great way to improve sales productivity, both as a manager and as a salesperson.
Remember, stress can ruin your health and your attitude about work if you let it, so it is important for you to keep it to an absolute minimum.

2.Hiring the Right Salespeople:
Hiring the wrong person can damage your career, your team and the company. As a sales manager, you need to prioritize getting the hiring process right so you can recruit top talent.
It is often not enough to hire a new salesperson based on your perception of his/her personality and skills. Instead, consider using a sales personality test to take the guesswork out of hiring and check for Drive – the #1 trait of a salesperson who can produce top results.