Our Services


i.pel is a full-service education consultation entity. We strive to provide quality educational services at the Federal, State, District and School levels to public schools, public charter schools, private schools, and virtual schools. Clients include school administrations, EMO/CMOs and education vendors. Strategic relationships are used to maximize human and material resources.

All i-pel services are conducted through the scaffolding of the education philosophy Innovationism which guides the development of K-12 applications by looking at the integrated balance of the intrinsic/extrinsic and objective/subjective elements found in all education phenomenon. All services begin and stop with the question –

“Is this function of the education system MOTIVATIONAL and ENGAGING not only for the students but also the teachers, administrators, parents, support staff and vendors – if not, why not?”

Innovative education and learning is rapidly becoming the education model of the future. Accordingly, i.pel casts a wide net regard our broad range of educational services that focus on RESEARCH, EVALUATION, DEVELOPMENT & IMPLEMENTATION. By utilizing both the i-pel team and proven educational subcontractors i-pel activities blends value-added expertise and cost effectiveness. i.pel’s end-product reports are used to substantiate an education vision and guide that program’s implementation.


i-pel focuses on three main services which include:
  1. Motivation and Engagement Research & Analysis Report. These reports are both macro and micro in scope. The Motivation & Engagement Macro Reports are useful at the state, district and school levels to get an insight into the policies and procedure that guide the development and application of educational activities. Administration and staff interviews are the core elements in analysis and recommendations. All though not comprehensive, the following list contains many of the activities researched and analyzed in the macro reports. The micro reports are an analysis focusing on single, or several, aspects of these items.



  1. Educational project conception, development and application. In the initial synergistic brainstorming of an education concept it’s not unusual for other educational needs to be recognized. Because we never know where the next great idea will come from all i-pel staff, clients and vendors are encouraged to constantly imagine how K-12 education can be improved. To get an idea of the types of education projects i-pel currently has in development see: i-pel Projects.


  1. The WHATZIT Academy ©™. The WHATZIT Academy was conceived as a virtual school which would contain the most advanced motivation and engagement techniques now known in K-12 pedagogy methodology. The goal is to develop an education instruction tool that creates the ultimate motivational experience in modern education that will not only captivate students but also anyone who engages. This program is designed to be a personalized/blended learning tool to be used both in the physical classroom and anywhere a wifi connection can be found. The concept’s intention is to create a love of learning that will encourage students to become life-long learns by at all phases teaching them how to educate themselves (see: The WHATZIT Academy).


i.pel is also available for speaking engagements regarding anyone of our educational topics included in this website. Our territory includes the entire United States as well as select projects worldwide.