Sixth Grade Child Psycology Project

Although empathy should be taught continually from pre-school the primary focus of this curriculum will be to teach sixth graders the value of empathy in securing a happy and successful life from more of a psychological point of view. Since a big part of the new Common Core Standards are to encourage collaborative student assignments it is important that children entering middle school understand the concept of empathy and how it will benefit them in their schoolSchool Bullying #1 work. Also included in this curriculum will be activities and exercises to dramatize and “play out” empathetic situations in real life. Student will have opportunities to participate in programs such as “We Day” which encourages and rewards good deeds and community activism. The reason for this curriculum in the sixth grad is because the first year of middle school sees a change in school yard awareness and interaction with older students.  This is the time in a student’s life when bulling can also become problematic. In addition, this course will be a precursor to the NINTH GRADE HEALTH AND PSYCHOLOGY PROJECT.

STATUS: Grant proposal in development