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    Institutional Accreditation is a status for universities which are evaluated on the basis of academic quality and standardized facilities provided to students. These universities are considered as reputable which are accredited from an accreditation association which assures the students that the university is providing high quality education as well as focus on personal development and grooming. These universities are committed to maintain their reputation in the market by providing advanced learning and development opportunities to students. For the sake of credibility, several universities are accredited from different accreditation associations because accreditation raises the standards of teaching and academic quality in order to become in the field of education. As people are now more aware about the accreditation and credibility of the universities and understand the worth of accreditation, they tend to investigate more about the universities with respect to standards describe by accreditation associations.
    Accreditation mainly relies on the peer review and voluntary procedure, which engages the universities in a particular region on numerous reviews. Though universities are tend to self-study their academic infrastructure in the review cycles every year to find out the gaps for improvements, effectiveness in the academics and public assurance about the university. IAO Accreditation in India is advocating for the provision of quality education in India and fills in the gaps with continuous improvement. With its experience and excelled accreditation process, the organization is serving to the public on the issues regarding the education sector in the region of India. The organization is equipped with advanced evaluation technique for the universities and follows the principles of sustainable peer-review techniques.
    IAO Accreditation in India is striving hard for the establishment and sustaining of high standards of education at all level which is much longer than any other organization in India. The organization has a voluntary structure with its independent operations and recognized as non-profit organization serving to numerous colleges, universities, and technical education institutes having a global presence in several countries. Being the globally recognized accreditation, accreditation organization has three fundamental principles which describe the process of accreditation in accordance with research-driven standardization. The organization works in ten-year cycle comprising of self-study by the universities, peer reviews and follow ups for sustainability. It does not guarantee the knowledge and experience held by the students but it signifies the ranks, academic quality and comparison of universities with others.
    The principles of the IAO Accreditation in India have following core principles which determine the fundamental of operational activities of the organization.
    • The accreditation organization tends to maintain the high quality standards of education in the educational institutions and commitment to provide substantial value and credibility.
    • The organization is subject to maintain the recognition at country’s department of education and intend the universities to meet the required standards and regulations of the state.
    • The organization is required to provide required services and support to the members of the organization which are implementing the standards of accreditation and initiates in continuous improvement programs.
    Accreditation provides the expression of credibility and confidence to the educational institutes and its mission, vision, purpose and performance. The main objective of the organization is to effectively and efficiently standardize the academics and provide the platform for continuous improvements. It serves as the bridge and clearance for the provision of quality education and academic integrity. The International Accreditation Organization ’s professional and experienced staff participates in the full range process of accreditation which strengthens the provision of education to students. It also attests to compliance the integrity of the university degree programs and commitment to improve continuously and resource sufficiency.

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